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Multifunctional meeting room

Notice 2023-05-06

For any functional room, Huasheng Furniture can tailor the one that suits you best. Huasheng Furniture focuses on providing a variety of custom reception furniture set for customers. Huasheng Furniture has the ability to meet different needs.


The meeting room is where everyone in the company brainstorms together, and the layout of the meeting room is especially important. Always think in meetings, solve tough problems, and come up with the perfect solution. We cleverly integrate furniture and technology to bring people, space and information into one place. Make collaboration and productivity better than ever.


This conference table top breaks the previous monotonous table top design through the division of lines. In terms of functional configuration, the table top adopts a flap-type hidden wiring. Multi-specification conference tables meet the needs of different office spaces.On the symmetrical support feet, the overall feeling is stronger and more stable. The traditional new Chinese exterior design is paired with North American straight-grained walnut wood and starry gray metallic paint. Simple and practical hidden wiring function settings, and wood grain decoration is added to the lower baffle of the meeting. Everything is just to create a new Chinese-style business office space.


The design style of the multi-functional meeting room should be consistent with or echo the office space, which will help to achieve the overall visual harmony. As the core part of the office space, the conference room is often more serious and formal, and the decoration design strives to be concise and concise.


The most indispensable thing in the conference room is the power interface, so when the power interface is sufficient, the data cables exposed outside will always look messy. Then, a hidden interface is designed on the desktop, and the data cables are hidden in the table, which not only saves the space of the desktop, but also has a lot of beautiful visual effects. The power interface is in the middle of the desktop, which is convenient for connecting to sockets, monitors, and computers, so that the meeting will not be interrupted because the computer is out of power. It enables the team to maintain a smooth communication state at all times, and to expand each other's ideas and ideas more agilely.


The conference table follows the design elements of the whole series of slanted feet, and the bottom uses a large slope as the support foot, which makes the overall feeling more stable, and the neat and generous line design brings a shocking effect with visual impact. The color matching of the countertop continues to use the cappuccino wood grain with the inlaid leather grain Ding treatment method. The combination of veneer and leather is stable and restrained without losing a modern and fashionable atmosphere.


The seat is designed for physical comfort. The design of the vertical stripe on the backrest is designed to relieve low back pain during meetings. The uneven backrest can have a massage effect. The armrests on both sides are also designed just right, and the hands can be placed on the armrests in a relaxed state. Relieve fatigue from long meetings.


Flexible meeting rooms can be located in both large and small meeting areas, meeting a variety of meeting methods and efficiently using office space. The legs of the table are cleverly designed to leave enough space under the table top. Employees can stretch their legs to the fullest, even when there are many people in a meeting.


This kind of small conference table is also indispensable, and this kind of conference table is most suitable for group discussions. It works best in a common area of an office or in a small conference room dedicated to it. Its color scheme will be much brighter than the larger conference table, less austere atmosphere. But it allows people to have a small meeting in a relaxed state of mind and reduce some tension.


We have always maintained enthusiasm and passion, always ready to provide customers with quality products and services. If you are interested in our furniture, warmly welcome customers in need to contact and negotiate with Huasheng Furniture. Hope we can work together to create a brilliant future.

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