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M121's single continuous form is achieved with the seat shape’s unique design & the hidden gas spring’s cylindrical cover. The trumpet-shaped base completes M121's sleek silhouette. The chair's unique seat shape design was inspired by a sting ray’s flying & unfettered motion. The user is unencumbered when changing positions or when getting on & off Stool. Whether you are in a work or social environment, Stool provides you with an engaging & comfortable user experience.

Seat shape
The cool and unique design of the seat shape was inspired by the sting ray, which swims with a flying motion, free style, without fetter in the sea, which is what Stool is all about. Free to change position, easy to get up from, gives the busy persona quick rest stop.
Seat shape
Upholstery pad
Upholstery choice is offered in fabric, genuine leather or synthetic leather, in various colors.
Upholstery pad
Seat height adjustable
Seat height buttons easily access under the seat. Height is controlled by a gas spring which is hidden by a cylindrical cover to give Stool a single continuous form.
Seat height adjustable
Colors and Materials
Product Model

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