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Ten Principles of Buying Office Furniture

Notice 2023-05-06



 Cost as it is part of your office supplies expense.


Pay attention to the practicality of furniture, and don't be flashy and only focus on style.


Don't follow the "fashion" to buy tall combination cabinets. Although it saves space, it is quite inconvenient to climb up to get things.


A comfortable set of office furniture is one that doesn't suffer from low back pain, strained shoulders or eye strain because they are designed with this in mind. Incorporate ergonomic elements into the furniture so you can work most efficiently and with high quality. According to experts, sitting in the office due to an uncomfortable chair may lead to some health problems such as headache, body aches, mental stress or other psychological disorders.



Old-fashioned furniture styles are easy to become outdated. On the contrary, the cultural appeal of traditional furniture is enduring and has value preservation.


Before purchasing, first measure the space size (length, width, height) of the living room, and then design the overall layout of the living room and the required furniture varieties, functions, styles, colors, and quantities, so that the goal is clear when purchasing. ,save time and energy.


Light-colored furniture is suitable for small rooms or north-facing rooms with poor lighting conditions. For rooms with better lighting, dark-colored furniture can be selected, which can show a simple and elegant atmosphere.



The level and elevation dimensions of the furniture should be consistent with the area and height of the room, so as not to fit the purchased furniture or destroy the planned layout.



Can the purchased furniture be moved into the door smoothly? The key is that the longest space diagonal of the furniture cannot be larger than the largest diagonal at the corner of the passage or stairs.



In addition to the whole set of furniture, other small objects should also be configured. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the color, style and specification of a single piece of furniture in advance, so as not to be difficult to match in the future. So you have to pay attention to the style of office furniture. The style should be included in the budget of the core cost of the office. Now some furniture factories provide special free style design to save customer costs and other programs.

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